Why “Wrangler On My Booty” By Mother NY Is Worth Remembering.

There are so many different genres of creative out there. The cool, the funny, the sexy, the provocative. The list goes on. However, Wrangler On My Booty bears a quality that arguably places it in a genre of it’s own. What makes this piece something to look back on isn’t just what it stands for but more so what it means for the people that it speaks to. Much like Nike’s Believe in Something campaign you could say that this work pushes society forward.

The past few years have been nothing short of turbulent for America. Even before 2020 things in the US have been contentious for a number of reasons. One of the many future-shaping debates going on at the time was whether Lil Nas X’s music was considered Country or not. Lil Nas X is an American singer and song writer who’s music spans more than a few genres, some of which being Country, Hip Hop, and Pop. After Lil Nas’s famous hit song Old Town Road was taken off Billboard’s Country charts for not being “Country” enough a lot of people had something to say about it. A number of them took to social media to express their inability to consider his sound Country, while just as many came to his side to say that they’re wrong.

Wrangler, being an authority in the Country space opted to endorse Lil Nas X as Country. So much so that they released clothes with the lyrics “Wrangler on my Booty” stitched onto them. The lyrics being from one of Lil Nas’s songs. While this move definitely left some people feeling betrayed by Wrangler’s inclusive energy, at the same time it won over countless others. Their sales did go up, and a lot of celebrities did come to Wrangler’s side on social media. The work was great for business, and the viewership it picked up along the way was more than considerable.

However, what makes this work something to remember is what it did for people. How it created a space for those where historically one has never existed. How at its core it declared loud enough for everyone to hear “ We are country and so is he”.



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